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      We support business growth, competitiveness and innovation within the biomedical and life science sectors, and facilitate and promote collaboration between our members; partners and sponsor companies and Universities across the UK. We are proud of what we do and very grateful to all of our sponsors for their support and belief in Bionow and what we deliver.

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    Bionow is delighted to offer a range of specialist business support which includes Accelerator programmes, help with student placements and facilitation of knowledge transfer partnerships all of which are aimed at supporting businesses to grow.

    • Accelerator Programmes

      Bionow designs, manages, and delivers a range of Accelerator programmes aimed at helping businesses to scale. We partner with a number of specialists and experts to deliver these Accelerator courses and design them to address key barriers to your growth.

    • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

      Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are recognised as the ‘gold standard’ of knowledge exchange and have been running successfully for almost 40 years.

    • Student Placements and Projects

      Our Northern Universities embody world class strengths in research and teaching in the biomedical sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, IT, mathematics and statistics. Bionow works closely with our University Sponsors and a core strand of our support is the facilitation of student placements within our sector companies and organisations. Most of our sponsoring Universities offer the opportunity to engage a student to work on a defined project. There are opportunities across various departments and faculties, including Business Schools and the project may involve remote working at the company’s premises or be carried out within the University. The project might be paid or be part of the course

    • Voice of the North

      Bionow the voice of the life sciences industry in the North of England.

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    • Biotech & Beers @ Alderley Park

      Biotech & Beers Returns @ Alderley Park, all welcome! Join Bionow for an agenda-free networking evening that provides opportunities for key people from companies working in or with the life sciences sector to network and socialise with their peers in an informal setting over a drink or two.

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    News from Bionow and their members.

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    With over 40,000 people employed in the sector across the North, there is an extensive pool of local talent with specialist skills and experience. Bionow is particularly keen to assist member companies to access this rich resource of local talent.