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Bionow’s programmes are designed to accelerate and sustain the rate of start-up and business growth by providing support from experts in the field. Our porgrammes enable businesses to expand, grow and thrive by increasing the speed of commercialisation within which new services and products are brought to market. We also introduce investment funding partners through our highly developed funding partners network.

The Get Ahead in Medtech and Life Sciences Launchpad programmes detailed below are examples of Accelerator programmes delivered to date. New programmes can be designed to meet your needs so please get in touch if you would like to participate or are interested in a bespoke programme.


Get Ahead in MedTech

Get Ahead in MedTech is a tailored programme to enable medical technology SME's to commercialise health-related products and services and full realise their potential. The programme is aimed primarily at senior executives, however managers and specialists who wish to augment their knowledge and understanding would also find certain elements useful. We are able to offer each participating company 2—3 places where needed for particular topics

The course offers:

  • A tailored, interactive program, covering specialist topics not available elsewhere
  • A full set of course notes including presentations and supplementary material
  • The opportunity to benefit from PR associated with Case Studies
  • A business diagnostic with Bionow which explores individual company requirements and the needs of the cohort as a whole
  • Membership of a cohort of like-minded business leaders with the opportunity to learn from eachothers experiences

Customer testimonial:

We chose to join the programme because we knew there was a huge amount of expertise out there in the region that we can benefit from. It’s given us a much clearer picture on what the health sector wants you to demonstrate about your product, not just in terms of its benefits (whether they be financial or patient) but also how to approach them and what channels are the most effective to use.

Life Sciences

The 'Lifescience Launchpad' was organised by Bionow, as part of the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network's business engagement programme. Topics covered included market research and commercial analysis, health economics, developing products to meet specific unmet needs, MHS procurement and how to see to the NHS, regulatory IP and translational requirements, clinical trials and evaluation, grant and seed funding and action planning.

Customer testimonial

I found Lifescience Launchpad to be very informative and an excellent opportunity to gain valuable feedback from medical device/lifescience experts. The NHS contacts were particularly helpful and are assisting Newtec in locating suitable clinical study sites for its implantable device designed to improve vascular surgery outcomes.

Customer testimonial

The Bionow Launchpad was very timely for us. Having been quite active in the US and mainland Europe, we have planned a UK push for 2015. The Launchpad provided us with the perfect opportunity to take in the highlights of the broad healthcare landscape in the UK. We were surprised at the breadth and depth of help available, a lot of it at no cost to ourselves. Whether via grants, business links, help with product validation and even commercialisation into the NHS, we now have many more avenues to explore. I have a suspicion that when we come to review our 2015 activities, these 6 afternoons will prove to be some of the most valuable time we've spent.


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Find Out More:

If you would like to find out more about our Accelerator Programmes, or register interest, please contact

David Holmes /  07841 113163  /

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about our Accelerator Programmes, or register interest, please contact

David Holmes /  07841 113163  /

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