Bionow has over 300 members from across the North and the wider UK. A Bionow membership gives you and your company access to an incredible community of life sciences professionals and organisations, along with many more advantageous benefits. Our mission is to provide the tools and support for your business to become the most competitive in the industry.

See below for information regarding Bionow Members and Sponsors, how to Join Bionow, and Features & Pricing.

Bionow Members

We provide the tools and support for member organisations to become amongst the most competitive in the industry.

Bionow Sponsors

We are grateful to all of our University and Corporate Sponsors and always happy to explore opportunities relating to overall sponsorship of Bionow, commercial partnerships, advertising and co-sponsorship of events that we deliver.

Join Bionow

We add significant value to our members through a range of specialist services, expert guidance and knowledge sharing, and focused networking events.

Features & Charges

Membership services add value and cost-efficiency to scientific, clinical and business operations within early stage and growth-oriented firms.

What our customers say

The Bionow Careers Fair gave us the opportunity to showcase a range of unique role options for consideration by an audience at a key stage of their educational journey.

Our Valued Sponsors & Partners