Skills - Shaping a 21st Century Workforce

Skills Development is a core part of Bionow's ethos.  Focusing on Life Sciences 'beyond the golden triangle', Bionow is uniquely placed to bring together a large number of life science SME's, corporates, research rich universities and training providers from regions across the UK.

The Life Sciences sector is constantly and rapidly developing, and for the sector to continue to thrive and remain competitive, the companies in this sector need acess to a constantly evolving range of highly skilled talented people.

To support businesses, universities, and people that make up the Bionow community, Bionow has created a Skills Special Interest Group (SIG), open to all members. This voluntary group has initiated several skills-related activities that are detailed below.

Bionow also hosts an annual Life Sciences Careers Fair which is free to access for students of all University members of Bionow plus all Bionow member companies and provides a forum for Life Science companies and students to be introduced to each other.

There is also the Bionow Jobs page, listing opportunies is a member benefit available to all Bionow members and gives them a distinct edge in attracting the right recruits.

Opportunities for members of Bionow:

All Bionow members can become members of our Skills SIG.  The SIG brings together SME's, corporates, colleges, universities and other training providers to help shape the skills base available to the sector, supporting and influencing the development of skills provision from whether they be from private providers or educational institutions.
Skills & talent focused sector support includes the Bionow Life Sciences Careers Fair.  This annual online event brings together companies from across the network and students from over 20 edcuational institutions to an annual online Life Sciences careers fair. Companies articulate the career paths and opportunities that they offerto an audience of hundreds of Life Science students who will shortly be entering the workforce.

In order to ensure access to relevant talent, all Bionow members can post vacancies on the Bionow Jobs page. This is a great way of reaching relevant recruits.

Further activities include skills surveys, career case studies. mentoring and a range pf other support we provide to the Bionow community, including sessions focused on Skills at Bionow Conferences.