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Bionow Members can access funding opportunites through the Bionow Online Investment Showcase on the Envestors platform. This is a showcase area helping  Members gain access and exposure to a significant international life science investor network. Members can also raise money on the platform through a network of Angels and VC investors, and the company and platform are FCA regulated. Investors in this network are professional investors and high networth individuals.

Are you looking to increase the visibility of your company to Life Science investors? Or are you an investor looking for your next Life Science investment opportunity?

Either way Bionow is here to help. One of the most significant challenges for any life sciences company is raising investment, this is challenge Bionow will assist you in meeting.  Also, amongst the hundreds of Bionow members are many of the most innovative life sciences companies in the UK. 


All Bionow members have the option of opening a Listing or an Investment offer on the Envestors platform for 6 months at no charge (a small charge can be paid to extend this period beyond 6 months).  This is a valuable way for companies to raise their company profile amongst the Life Science investment community, and if you are an investor, it is a great way to discover new investment opportunities.

Envestors is an organisation that have helped over 200 companies raise more than £100m, including assisting several companies in the Health and Life Sciences space  raise investment.

Click here to find out more about the Bionow section of the Envestors platform.

If you would like to take advantage of the above platform and list your company or place an Investment Offer on the Envestors platform please send an email to Bionow Membership Manager Dave

Envestors are a well established network of Angels and VC investors and the company and platform are FCA regulated, investors in this network are professional investors and high networth individuals.


Additional opportunities for reaching investors are often available across the Bionow community, but the pinnacle of what Bionow does with respect to connecting Life Science SMEs, Spin-outs and Start-ups with investors is the annual BioCap Conference. 

BioCap runs in the early Autumn at Alderley Park and is a well- established Life Science Investment Conference.  Whilst the networking and connecting opportunities at BioCap are exceptional, what also marks the event out from both an investor and company perspective is the pitching competition which opens every year well ahead of the conference.  Companies seeking investment are encouraged to enter the pitching competition and on the day of the BioCap Conference, the winners of the pitching competition are then invited onto a shortlist of companies to pitch their investment opportunity to a large group of active Life Science Investors.

Keep an eye on the Bionow events calendar for details of the next BioCap.

If you have any questions about Envestors please contact the Bionow membership team.

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