HPLC Derivatization Reagents

Published on 07/04/2021
HPLC Derivatization Reagents

TCI presents HPLC Derivatization Reagents that can increase sensitivity and selectivity in analysis of non-volatile trace components in complex biological matrices.

Since its foundation in 1946, TCI’s philosophy has been to contribute to society through the manufacturing and supply of organic laboratory chemicals. We are proud, that today our company offers more than 30,000 quality reagents on a global basis. In recent years, our business has also expanded to the manufacturing of fine chemicals such as pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials, electroluminescent compounds, and building blocks for liquid crystals.

HPLC is the methode of choice for analysis of non-volatile compounds in multiple matrices. There are different labelling methods known. NBD-derivatives and DBD-derivatives developed by Imai, Toyo’oka and co-workers are excellent fluorescent labeling reagents: They show strong and long wave-length fluorescence resulting from their benzoxadiazole skeleton.

 TCI is selling a selection of NBD and DBD derivatives used to selectively label each, hydroxy groups, amines, amino acids, carbonyl groups and carboxyl groups. This contributes to their broad usability for biological substances.

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