Newcastle University’s Flow Cytometry Core Facility now open to Bionow members

Published on 25/02/2021
Newcastle University’s Flow Cytometry Core Facility now open to Bionow members The Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF) based in Newcastle University is expanding its operations to offer flow cytometry training, sample acquisition and expert experimental design for all flow and mass cytometry applications to organisations within the Bionow network.
The FCCF has recently undertaken a number of projects for companies interested in understanding how flow cytometry can be beneficial for their research programmes, not just within the University.
The centre’s Director, Dr. Andy Filby won the RMS medal for flow cytometry in 2019 and was recently elected to the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) council for "technology development”. The combined skills of the FCCF team have lead to the group participating in a wide range of academic collaborations, resulting in high impact publications in Science and Nature.
As well as access to cutting edge equipment, the centre also offers bespoke training packages in all areas of flow cytometry. These training packages can be delivered remotely, and can be tailored to an organisations’ specific needs.
Most recently, a group of industry scientists accessed online training to update their knowledge as part of an annual training programme.  One participant said of the training:
“The small group setting was very helpful….actually I liked the virtual training more than the training in person last year. Everyone got the same view during the training on the machine. As well more people could attend the training from your side, so multiple speakers, which would not be possible to have on site. All in all great training!”
Flow cytometry can add valuable single cell data and in depth rapid analysis to many applications.  The FCCF is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced scientists who can support life science companies with flow and mass cytometry.
Anyone who would like to learn more about flow cytometry or about the Newcastle University FCCF can contact the centre by email at,

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