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Read about this simple bacteria and how it wreaks havoc in cell culture laboratories.

Read about Perfectus Biomed Group and their expertise in quality control assays.

Sonia, our CEO, is interviewed in BioScience Today about Cryoniss' efforts to support the bioscience community in generating high quality data.

Peak Proteins is a contract research organisation providing protein production and structure determination services. We chat to CEO of Peak Proteins, Dr. Mark Abbott.

As both of our facilities in Alderley Park and The Heath Business and Technical Park have become ISO9001 certified, now seems like a good time to reflect on the international standard, which...

In 2016, Monya Baker carried out an impactful questionnaire of 1,500 scientists asking them if they had ever had trouble reproducing data. More than 70% of researchers reported failing to re...

The ability to store samples indefinitely and recover them on demand is a highly valued, yet challenging field of research. Good sample recovery has implications for the use of cell lines i...

Learn more about how we can you with your quality control screening of cell lines.

Cryosphere Services becomes Cryoniss and launches a new corporate image.

Caz has joined the team as Documents Manager, to oversee and maintain the data accuracy across the organisation. With a degree in English and American Literature, coupled with over 22 year...

Ana Beatriz Fernandes joins Cryoniss as a Scientific Intern, and Daniel Jones as our Finance Intern.

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