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While the world waits for a vaccine to be developed and approved for use against the COVID-19 virus, the best measure to identify, slow and prevent the spread of the virus is to test.

Two businesses located at Sci-Tech Daresbury have united to develop a vital new research kit that could prove crucial in the fightback against coronavirus.

As this coronavirus is new, we need to pool resources and draw on expertise across the industry to work quickly and efficiently and help find vaccines and medicines that will protect patient...

Encouraging progress is being made towards vaccine development against Covid-19. It is essential that we continue to incentivise and fund research into and development of these technologies.

ChAdOx1 consortium, led by the Jenner Institute, working to produce adenoviral vaccine with fast-tracked clinical trials to begin in April 2020

Trials of new coronavirus vaccine among 6 projects to receive share of £20 million.

The University of Liverpool, University of Edinburgh and Imperial College London have together received £5 million from the Medical Research Council to tackle the coronavirus pandemic from ...

We are keen to hear from any companies who can support the global effort on COVID-19

The European Innovative Medicines Initiative will launch a call for applications to address the Corona virus in early March

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