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Explore the transformative impact of AI in healthcare and discover vital strategies for safeguarding AI-enhanced medical technologies within Europe's regulatory landscape. Gain insights into...

Marks & Clerk AI Report 2023 reveals an interesting insight into the latest trends in patent applications

Talking about AI/ChatGPT in HR and recruitment and how it's going to impact on recruitment and HR, with details relevant if you are reading this from the hiring side, or as a candidate.

Are you a scaling company looking to transform healthcare through data-driven innovation? Look no further than the Edinburgh University AI Accelerator Programme, delivered by The University ...

The “Flight Simulator for healthcare and life sciences” addresses staffing pressures, continuous learning demands and the pace of innovation in life sciences

At a time when the average cost of bringing a new drug to market is about $1.8 billion, according to a study led by the London School of Economics and published in the US in 2020, the value ...

Marks & Clerk recently released our 2022 annual report on artificial intelligence (AI) patent filing trends at the EPO. It provides some useful insights for the life and medical sciences sec...

Why aren’t the major pharmaceutical companies filing patents to AI-related inventions?

Intelligent OMICS, Arctoris and Medicines Discovery Catapult test in silico pipeline for identifying new molecules for cancer treatment

As the world enters a new wave of lockdowns, Biorelate, a Manchester-based AI start up, extends its free use of Galactic to all researchers.

Biorelate, a UK-based AI start up, is offering all researchers free use of Galactic, its cloud-based web tool, to support biomedical research while lab access is restricted around the world.

The road to an approved drug is well known to be an arduous journey. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the drug discovery process is receiving a lot of attention.

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