Expert Insights from the Small Molecule Experts (Part 1)

Published on 24/06/2020
Expert Insights from the Small Molecule Experts (Part 1) Following the successful integration of Halo Pharma and Avista Pharma Solutions over the last 12 months, we can now offer expertise across drug substance, drug product and analytical services. These advances have significantly increased our customer base and the interest in the services we can now offer from preclinical development through to commercial launch.

This extensive broadening of our toolkit is part of our ongoing mission to become the world’s leading small molecule CDMO. Now, in partnership with Permira — a global private equity firm — Chairman of the Board of Directors Wayne Hewett believes:

“Being a company with a strong brand and great reputation in the pharmaceutical industry with world-class expertise, we remain fully focused on our mission to grow our leadership position in the industry and continue to be regarded as the small molecule company.”The industry trend of outsourcing to CDMOs continues. With more services, capabilities, facilities and employees than ever before, our experts have contributed more articles to our biggest eBook yet.

Enjoy Part 1 of our latest Cambrex expert insights

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