Biocair: Keeping the supply chain informed and moving

Published on 21/04/2020
Biocair: Keeping the supply chain informed and moving Cell and gene therapy, clinical trials, the very attempts to produce a vaccine for COVID-19, are all underpinned by a global supply chain that moves critical, temperature-sensitive materials safely and swiftly, and Biocair provide updates on the status of the international global supply chain via our operational updates.

This global supply chain relies on specialist logistics companies, like Biocair, to adapt to the challenging situation and communicate with airlines, transport partners and the relevant authorities to get the most up to date information.

Biocair’s global teams are designing and implementing new solutions 24/7 to ensure customers’ urgent shipments are securely transported. Its staff are classified as key workers and their experienced drivers are continuing to collect/deliver shipments wherever possible, conforming to local social distancing at all times.

If any of you have materials (including PPE, clinical trials or personalised medicine) that need to be transported during COVID-19 please reach out to Biocair and they will try to help out where possible.

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