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Having delivered a specialist mentoring programme as part of a national programme for BIS we have some very experienced Mentors available and we are keen to match them to Mentees in Bionow member businesses who can benefit. We are also actively recruiting additional Mentee and Mentors amongt the Bionow membership across the North of England.

Mentors and Mentees complete a detailed profile and in addition Mentees undergo a thorough needs analysis, carried out by Bionow, to identify relevant areas for development, both personally and within their business. Mentees are carefully matched with the most appropriate Mentor - in terms of support requirements and expertise offered - and commit to working together for 12 months in a supported professional relationship. A business can have more than one Mentee involved in the scheme at any one time.

Mentoring is a proven route to personal development, providing Mentees with a sounding board and some challenge to think outside the box. The Mentor will work with the Mentee to enhance the Mentee’s personal impact within their business. In turn Mentors benefit through applying their knowledge and expertise to new problems in a new setting.

Benefits for Mentees

  • Develop increased self-awareness and self-discipline
  • Access to a sounding board – a safe space to try out new ideas in confidence
  • A source of stretch and challenge - to explore different options
  • Expanding personal network and other learning resources

Benefits for Mentors

  • Self-awareness and personal development, a contribution to own CPD
  • Reflect and refine own knowledge in a new setting 
  • Hone own skills in getting the best from people, and help them to manage transitions 
  • Renewed focus on own career and self-development 

This is your opportunity to get involved as either a Mentor or a Mentee

Do you know someone who might contribute their experience as a Mentor?

Is there someone in your organisation who might benefit as a Mentee?

To find out more:
Contact Mary Roberts at or call 07850 600284

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