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Translation and Interpreting

CINETIQUE Translations is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited language service provider and provides a variety of language services such as: Translation, Interpreting, Transcription, Website localisation, Multilingual desktop publishing and formatting, International Recruitment, Project management. We work in a variety of Life Science specialist areas (Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech) and our network of professionals is able to provide solutions in over 150 language combinations.
Our interpreters have industry experience and hold qualifications from internationally recognised bodies such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Chartered Institute of Linguists. 

We follow a rigorous process of collaboration, communication, verification, evaluation and feedback regardless of the size of your project. In this way, we make certain that both the service you receive and the final product are to your satisfaction.
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We work with qualified language professionals who specialise in technical, scientific and medical translation and work only into their native language. This guarantees a correct and ‘natural-sounding’ translation for your target audience. We also employ bilingual scientists and engineers with expert language skills who act as consultants and researchers to further ensure a technically accurate product.
Along with all clinical trial documentation, here is a list of documents we translate on a regular basis.


From conferences to client visits, CINETIQUE Translations offers a wide range of interpreting services to meet your specific needs:
•    Ad hoc interpreting
In ad hoc interpreting (also known as ‘liaison interpreting’), information is relayed by the interpreter a few sentences at a time. This service is ideal for small groups (two to three participants) and informal situations such as hospital visits or solicitor appointments. No special equipment is required.
•    Consecutive interpreting
In consecutive interpreting, the speaker pauses every two to five minutes to allow the interpreter to relay what has been said. Consecutive interpreting is often used in business meetings, court proceedings or conferences and is ideal for medium-sized groups. Some special equipment, such as a microphone, may be required.
•    Simultaneous interpreting
This service is used for large meetings where speakers of several different languages may be present. Interpreters, often working in pairs, interpret the event’s proceedings as they occur. Special equipment such as listening booths, headphones and microphones are required.
Our teams of Medical interpreters can assist you worldwide during Investigator meetings, FDA inspections, Marketing conferences, Training events and One to One meetings.


We provide a reliable and efficient transcription service tailored to the needs of companies and professionals. We help clients with all of their transcription needs, from conference speeches to complex medical reports. Our highly experienced teams of typists provide an accurate, flexible and cost effective service. Typists are based in-country and specialise in different areas of transcription.
We transcribe: Conference speeches, Conference delegates interviews, Investigators and physician training modules, Patient diaries, Specialist reports, Accidents claims reports, Clinical and Operative reports, etc.

Market Research

Understanding your target market is vital to business success. This is especially important when addressing an audience whose language, culture and even business practices may differ from your own. That is why Cinetique Translations offers a comprehensive market research service to businesses and individuals seeking to reach out to new markets.

Website Localisation

Success in a global market means more than just translating your website into multiple languages; it also means making sure that your message is appropriate for your target audience, from the correct formatting of dates and currencies and the use of appropriate cultural references to the overall tone and register.

Multilingual desktop publishing and formatting

Translation involves more than just translating the words on the page. This is why we also offer multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) and formatting services for print or digital publication. Our desktop publishing team works closely with our translators to make sure that the format and layout of the final document meet your project specifications. We work with a variety of software packages and file formats for Windows and Mac operating systems.


We act as a language specialist recruitment agency. We can help you find the specialist language professionals required to work on your project. You may need a translation project manager, a specialised interpreter or a team of translators to work with you over several months.
We offer you access to our extensive network of in-country vetted language professionals, all of whom specialise in scientific and technical fields. We will advise you on how best to manage your resources and present you with a selection of language professionals best suited to your project.

Project Management

We provide dedicated project management as an integral part of all of our services. We also offer 'stand-alone' management services for your multilingual projects. We follow a rigorous four-step process of collaboration, communication, verification and feedback for all projects, regardless of their size or scope.

To discuss your multilingual requirements please contact:
Laurence Auffret
Studio 3, 8 Lower Ormond St.
Manchester,  M1 5QF, UK
Tel. +44 (0)161 244 57 07
Mob. +44 (0)787 614 2942