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International Conferences

International partnering events and tradeshows are a major source of business leads for companies expanding into new markets or looking for new collaborative partners. BioPartner has negotiated entry fee discounts available for UK companies attending many major international biopharma events. Bionow Members and Premium Members can claim discounts at the BioPartnership Alliance Member rate by contacting BioPartner before registering for each event.

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Some potential savings on conferences in 2017 are shown below:


BioPartner Savings -
1 Delegate


BioPartner Savings -
2 Delegates

Biotech Showcase 2017

$300 saving

$600 saving

Bio-Europe Spring 2017

€350 saving

€700 saving

BIO Convention 2017

$200 saving

$400 saving

BioPharm America 2017

$350 saving

$700 saving

Note: Discounts are for illustration only and based on conversions from other currencies eg US Dollars/Euros and will therefore vary depending upon exchange rates at the time of purchase. Current discounts will be provided on request.

Joining a UK Delegation
In addition, BioPartner's UK Delegations and International Missions promote the UK presence at international conferences and work with conference organisers, in-country agencies and overseas networks to provide the best business opportunities for UK companies travelling with the Delegation. Joining a BioPartner UK Delegation means you can attend as part of the UK Pavilion which acts as a highly visible and recognisable brand to draw in business in the competitive global market. Click here for further details.

BioPartner ensure that their UK Delegation companies receive benefits over and above those available at the event, as well as a full discount. These can include Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) Grants for eligible companies to offset the cost of exhibiting. Bionow Members and Premium Members attending an international conference can join a BioPartner UK Delegation for a fee of £450 + VAT.