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A new economic review has found that the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC), which the University of Liverpool co-directs, has generated a total economic impact of approximately £20...

Pencil Biosciences is developing a fully synthetic gene modulation and editing platform that will have impact across a wide range of applications, including new therapeutic options for patie...

UK announces its association to Horizon Europe & Copernicus programmes through a bespoke new agreement with the EU

We're pleased to announce the release of Torx 2.0 and the Flare Python Cookbook V3.0, alongside a variety of new science in the latest Cresset monthly newsletter.

Lancaster University's MENO-kit Project is a 3-year academic research project funded by the charity Wellbeing of Women. It has been developed because in the UK, there are approximately 5.1 ...

Through a series of exclusive interviews and a survey of industry insiders, Connect in Pharma names the top pharmaceutical and manufacturing-related trends of 2023.

Sue Cooke, CEO of the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3M BIC), a subsidiary of the University of Huddersfield, shares why life science businesses struggling for lab space should explore what t...

Funding New Antimicrobials to Treat Lung Infections in People with Cystic Fibrosis

Biocair has invested heavily in the expansion of its South Africa operation with the opening of two new offices.

Biocair has invested heavily in the creation of a specialist logistics team to meet the complex needs of the rapidly expanding cell and gene therapy sector.

A new survey from the Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials is aimed at supporting SMEs on their on their innovation journey to develop the advanced materials that will contribute to ...

This sneak peek explores new features in the upcoming release of Flare™, our ligand-based and structure-based platform for drug design.

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