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Anas is 6 weeks in to his first industrial employment following completing his PhD and he is enjoying it, working as a synthetic organic medicinal chemist at Concept Life Sciences. This arti...

Problem-solving, attention to quality compliance and gaining experience to get your first job following your chemistry degree are all discussed in this interview between 2 chemistry lecturer...

Torx Software Limited, provider of technology for managing small molecule discovery chemistry, announces the release of Torx Test™ and Torx Analyze™ to complete the Torx platform.

Explore the new features and enhancements in Flare™ FEP that improve the speed and usability of running calculations, whilst still delivering highly accurate results.


Mar 15th 2021

TCI presents different Phospholipids that can be applied for controlled release dosage, drug delivery systems, and cosmetics.

Dr Martin Slater, Director of Consulting Services, explains why outsourcing computational chemistry could be the key to maximizing ROI in pharmaceutical research.

Irrespective of the therapeutic area or target pathway, all small molecule discovery teams repeat a common workflow to optimize their identified hits towards clinical candidates: the Design-...

Viva Biotech and SYNthesis Enters a Strategic Acquisition Agreement, Accelerating the Development of Global Innovative Drug R & D Service Capabilities

North West businesses and the regional economy is set to benefit from more than £11.4 million of support through three new programmes launched by Lancaster University.

Torx enables collaborative team working and information delivery to accelerate the DMTA workflow for small molecule discovery chemistry

Supramolecular chemistry sits at the interface of materials science, biochemistry, surface science, catalysis, colloidal and synthetic chemistry. However, despite the scale and scientific di...

Collaboration to design novel compound libraries with the maximum pharmacological diversity within the smallest library size.

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