Life Sciences R&D event

Life Sciences R&D event

Published on 16/05/2022
Life Sciences R&D event

Roundtable: Life Sciences R & D reliefs - the biggest changes since 2000

Event Date: 15 June 2022 12.30pm-2pm

In this roundtable, Graham Bond and Laragh Jeanroy, co-heads of life sciences, will be joined by R&D specialists, James Tetley and Lizzie Gosling, to explore the practical impact of the changes, how you can plan and forecast, or even consider how to adjust your business model to mitigate the impact on cash flow.

We will be discussing the following topics:

• re-introduction of a PAYE cap for the SME regime;
• change to a territorial basis on R&D claims, limiting both SME and RDEC relief on R&D undertaken outside the UK; and
• increased compliance requirements.

Why you should attend

This is an opportunity for senior decision makers within the Life Sciences and Biotech industry to discuss and share their questions, experiences and views. We encourage the conversation to be free flowing amongst the group.

Register for the event here: Roundtable: Life Sciences R & D reliefs - the biggest changes since 2000 | RSM UK

If you have any questions please contact Rosalind Pontifex.

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