Whitepaper: How to close the STEM skills gap

Published on 23/12/2021
Whitepaper: How to close the STEM skills gap

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As the Fourth Industrial Revolution evolves, global trends and emerging technologies are driving the need for new skills across STEM.

This is even more evident in the fact that while 54% of STEM workers in the UK say there’s a skills shortage at work, less than half actively take up reskilling opportunities. 
As STEM industries continue to advance and innovate, the ways in which we empower and equip our people to develop needs to evolve.
In this Synergy, powered by SRG, whitepaper you’ll discover:

  • How to build a dynamically skilled workforce
  • The wider impact of rapid change in STEM
  • Critical skills for the future of work
  • Solutions to address the skills gap in STEM today

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