Medipex NHS Innovation Awards & Showcase 2021

Published on 20/09/2021
Medipex NHS Innovation Awards & Showcase 2021

Medipex ( be hosting a virtual NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase on 22nd September 2021 to celebrate NHS Innovations from the Yorkshire and Humber and East Midlands regions.

The categories for this year’s awards are: 
Management of Long-Term Conditions; 
Preventing Hospital Admissions; 
Delivering Benefits through Diagnosis and Screening; 
Improved Treatments and Pathways.

The event will be based around an engaging programme, where we will hear from a keynote speaker about their successful innovation journey as well as showcasing the finalists in each category and announcing the winners. Attendees will be invited to engage with a series of break-out rooms designed to provide useful information on topics relevant to innovation development to offer our supporters the opportunity of networking with individuals interested in their topic/area of work.

We are delighted to announce the finalists in each category of the Medipex NHS Innovation Awards 2021 being held on 22nd September.  The judges from Medipex, YHAHSN and Medovate had a really tough time shortlisting the finalists and deciding on the winners as the standard was exceptionally high this year.  We would like to thank each and every person/team who took the time to tell us about their innovative work. We would also like to thank two supporters of our event, Innovate UK Edge and Kirk Newsholme.

The finalists are as follows:

Improved Treatments and Pathways:

- Heather Elphick, Sheffield Children's NHSFT "The COMFORT project (Custom-made Masks for Overnight Respiratory Therapy) for Children requiring Non-Invasive Ventilation"
- Emily Dodd, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHSFT "Barnsley Children’s speech and language therapy Youtube Channel"
- Jamie Healey and team, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFT "New therapy for post-stroke arm spasticity: Sheffield Adaptive Patterned Electrical Stimulation: ‘SHAPES’"

Delivering Benefits through Diagnosis and Screening:

- Solomon Tesfaye, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFT “One-Stop Screening Service: a model for high-uptake diabetes health-check and early detection of the at risk diabetic foot”
- Sue Pownall, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFT “AspiRate – acoustic assessment of swallow safety”
- John Hodson, The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust “Sepsis Improvement Programme”

Preventing or Reducing Hospital Attendance:

- Esther Buckland, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFT “Day case Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Home in a fraction of the time”
- Matthew Stone, The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust “Novel use of an existing online tool to support burn injury self-management”
- Paul Dimitri & Ivan Phelan, Sheffield Children's NHSFT "Virtual Reality Home Rehabilitation to Upper Limb Motor Impairment in Children”

Management of Long Term Conditions:

- The Leeds Long COVID Community Rehabilitation Service, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust “Design and implementation of the Leeds Long Covid Community Rehabilitation service”
- David Mehdizadeh, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHSFT “Developing a case-finding tool to reduce anticholinergic burden in frail patients”
- Nicki Barker, Sheffield Children's NHS FT “Moving on Asthma: an educational transition tool for adolescents”
- Manoj Sivan & Paul O’ Brien, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Elaros Ltd. "The world’s first validated digital assessment, triage, management, and monitoring system for Long COVID"

Find out more about these finalists, and who the winner area, by registering below for the event being held on 22nd September.

The Awards Event

Finalists will be invited to attend a virtual Awards Ceremony when the winners will be announced - #Medipexawards2021

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