The DIY4U project announces an Open Innovation Call for SMEs in the FMCG space

The DIY4U project announces an Open Innovation Call for SMEs in the FMCG space

Published on 07/04/2021
The DIY4U project announces an Open Innovation Call for SMEs in the FMCG space

The DIY4U project, led by SINTEF and a consortium of 13 partners, is announcing an Open Innovation Call (OIC) – open until the 30thof April 2021 – and a supporting Conception Workshop – on the 8th of April 2021 – to provide promising SMEs with an opportunity to realise innovative digital solutions. These solutions will improve the DIY4U ecosystem while supporting the decentralised customer-centric production of personalised Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). 

FMCG are everyday products that are purchased frequently and consumed rapidly. However, in recent years consumer preferences have been shifting towards more personalised products, representing a considerable challenge for an industry built upon large-scale manufacturing. The DIY4U project aims to address the key industrial barriers, supporting the development of a more agile, consumer-driven model for producing smaller-scale, personalised FMCG. 

The DIY4U OIC provides SMEs in the digital and software technology fields with the opportunity to be involved in an innovative project to develop and promote decentralised, customer-centric product design and production approaches for FMCG. SMEs will be able to collaborate with manufacturers to design and create personalised FMCG through the DIY4U digital platform and ‘fablabs’ (small-scale manufacturing demonstration facilities). 

The DIY4U OIC is open until the 30th of April and will fund up to five winners. The winners will receive up to 50,000€ each for running an Open Innovation Project to deliver the proposed solution and will benefit from significant exposure; this includes recognition within other EU consortia, digital companies and major FMCG companies. Interested SMEs can find out more information and apply for the OIC here

More information on DIY4U, the fablabs and the OIC will be presented at the Conception Workshop on the 8th of April at 2pm CET, during which SMEs can ask questions and receive additional support. SMEs must register by the 6th of April to join the virtual workshop.

Chandana Ratnayake, Project Lead at SINTEF, said: “We are delighted to launch the first DIY4U OIC. The FMCG industry requires new ideas to support the adoption of more personalised goods, so we are excited to see what innovations come out of this opportunity.”

Ross McWhirter, Innovation Delivery Manager at Digital Catapult, said: “Consumer needs are rapidly changing, and we need to expand our ecosystem to respond. We are excited to be involved in the DIY4U project and are looking forward to seeing the innovative ideas that SMEs can bring through this OIC.”

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