Restore Harrow Green supports NHS during pandemic

Published on 16/02/2021
Restore Harrow Green supports NHS during pandemic

A thank you from one of our customers for our support during the pandemic.

Last week, our Birmingham branch got a surprise in the form of a thank you card from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust for support we offered them over the course of the Pandemic in 2020. From March through to the end of the year we helped the UHL with a number of urgent moves at very short notice.

The project was headed by the Birmingham Team and involved furniture clearances from inactive wards so that they could be reopened, as well as moving staff around the various hospitals. Our teams donned all the right PPE, and went about "business as usual" helping the UHL cope with the pandemic.

Feeling happy with the service, Steve Pickles from UHL NHS, nominated the RHG Birmingham Team to receive an official letter of thanks from the Trust, even though that's an internal process, normally reserved for their own staff.

Well done to everyone involved!

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