There has never been a better or more important time to support your local life science community

There has never been a better or more important time to support your local life science community

Published on 28/04/2020
There has never been a better or more important time to support your local life science community Never have we had such thriving online communities within the life science network. Businesses are rapidly and successfully altering their ways of working to adjust to this new environment. Bionow and our members are no exception to this and we want you, our members, to emerge from this period in the best possible shape!

Bionow’s mission is to provide the tools and support to help our member organisations and the northern life science sector thrive. During these unprecedented times, we remain focussed on this goal and have rapidly adapted to a new way of virtual working to keep the networks and our community connected. Bionow’s focus is on promoting the local ecosystem and connecting companies, organisations and individuals locally, nationally and internationally.
Bionow are here and available to make introductions for you and assist with collaborative opportunities. Our extensive knowledge of the sector; links to businesses, universities, and research institutes locally (and nationally) allows us to do this. We are here to offer our members a confidential sounding board to explore ideas with you and take these ideas forward.
Are you currently using your membership to its full potential? Do you know what your membership benefits are? We want to ensure that our members are getting the most out of their membership. We also want to encourage those who are not yet members to be aware of the valuable services we provide to the local life science community. With each company at different stages of development and your needs and requirements ever changing, we offer services and support that meet your individual needs. Get in touch with our membership team to discuss further and find out how you can utilise these services.
Are you connecting widely enough in this virtual world? In addition to the current membership features we have also launched our series of webinars, created a COVID-19 news feed and increased editions of the Bionow newsletter to bi-weekly. In addition, our member meetings are now held virtually, we will be hosting virtual Business Pitching events over the coming weeks, and are even exploring ways to bring the Biotech & Beers events to a screen near you!

When you are looking at your supply chain and services do you look to your experienced local provider first? The northern life science sector has a wide range of specialist consultants and companies with vast knowledge and experience in the life science sector (including design, prototyping, regulatory, formulation, process and production, supply of laboratory products & specialist logistics). By cultivating the local community, sharing ideas and working together we ensure we can deal with the current obstacles and find opportunities building resilience for the future.

Let’s work together to build a stronger local life-sciences eco-system.

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