The right gas mixture in just  a few clicks

Published on 17/02/2020
The right gas mixture in just  a few clicks It’s a familiar problem for laboratory technicians: you need a particular  gas mixture – perhaps for calibration - but you don’t know exactly what  data you need to provide to be sure that the mixture complies with the  correct specifications. Not only that, the cost or delivery deadline might  not be immediately clear. Air Liquide’s new e-Mixture Guide offers a  ready-made answer to all these questions. 

The ​e-Mixture guide​ is a smart, powerful and user-friendly online tool which  guides customers to the right gas mixture for their needs in just a few  steps, whether on PC, Mac or tablets. Users can be confident that the  chosen mixture will meet all the required specifications. 

 Accurate, fast and comprehensive 

“We developed the Guide to optimally support customers who are looking  for a particular gas mixture,” explains Simon James, from Air Liquide’s  Research & Analysis team. 

“The tool is also very useful for us at Air Liquide. It ensures we get all the  information we need to determine a price and delivery date quickly. In the  past, there was often information missing in price requests, meaning that  we had to go back and ask the customer, losing precious time.” 

“The e-Mixture Guide is available 24/7 and price requests are handled as a  priority. In most cases, the quotation follows within two working days. The  order can then be placed immediately via the usual channels.” 

Multiple search options for ease of use 

Users can not only search based on the application for which they want to  use the gas, but they can also create a mixture themselves from scratch or  choose from a wide range of standard gas mixtures. 

Since the inventory of standard gas mixtures has many components, the  search can be narrowed by filtering by name, the number of components, or  the formula. In the latter case, it is not necessary to include the entire  formula. If you enter “CH4” for example, the guide lists all the standard  mixtures containing methane. 

Do it yourself 

Users who wish to create a mixture themselves can indicate whether the  mixture must be delivered together with a certificate. The various  components - more than 160 are available - can then be selected, as well as  the quantity of each component in the mixture (in ppm, ppb, percentage by  volume or weight, etc.). To complete the process, a balance gas must also 

 be selected, and the total quantity of the mixture must be indicated by  selecting the cylinder size required. 

Selecting the application 

“You can also search for gas mixtures based on activity area, such as for  use in engine emissions testing or industrial emission monitoring, perhaps  involving natural gas analysis or gas detection. The e-Mixture Guide  displays the 7 searchable activity areas, and depending on the choice you  make there, you will then see one or more subdivisions. For example, you  can search further for the precise application you have in mind, or perhaps  based on a specific analysis device.” 

“The e-Mixture Guide was launched in the UK in Q4 2019 and early  feedback is already positive. However, we’re continuing to develop and  expand the guide and in time, will integrate into other Air Liquide digital  platforms.” 

View the e-Mixture Guide ​here​.

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