5 Reasons For Hiring A Biotech Web Design Specialist

5 Reasons For Hiring A Biotech Web Design Specialist

Published on 10/02/2020
5 Reasons For Hiring A Biotech Web Design Specialist

Hiring a specialist who can act fast
When you run a biotech or life science company or are the marketing team for your business, you need a website that will quickly and simply explain to visitors what you do and to achieve that, you need to use a specialist in biotech website design.

If you’re looking for investors, partners and collaborators, they need to understand what it is you produce, your website should clarify your offering.

A specialist biotech website designer can understand your offering and create the impact that gets you the results you need.

Life science and biotech companies often find they have pivoted from a research project to commercialisation, which means you need to build your brand and create credibility now.

As a specialist biotech marketing agency, Arttia Creative, can create the perfect website for your life science audience. Plus, we provide you with continued support, not just for your website but for all of your digital and print marketing needs. One point of contact to help you tell the world your story.

Why you should hire a Life Science and Biotech specialist web design agency?
You need a design agency who understands what you do and the messages biotechnology websites need to communicate. Arttia Creative specialises in working with life science, biotech and highly technical science sectors.

Working with high-growth biotech businesses like yours, we know how critical a well designed and marketed website is for your business.

We deliver world-leading website consultancy to guide you during the process together with website design and digital strategy.

You benefit from our years of experience, industry insight together with a wide range of skills for your project.

There are many reasons to work with a specialist life science agency:
#1 – Fast project on-boarding
We know there are some instances when you might need a life science website designed quickly. That critical new product launch, those investors that are taking an interest, partners who want to know more.  At Arttia Creative, we understand the challenges you face, so we’ll work with you to get your website re-designed and live as quickly as possible.

Our team has direct life science industry experience as well as a skill set in creative design and digital marketing, which means faster onboarding for your project. You get a head-start on your schedule. We are specialists in understanding how to interpret complex scenarios and creating clarity from your that information.

Furthermore, as a healthcare digital agency, while we’re building your life science website, we work with our SEO-first techniques to help Google understand and index your website at the earliest. This means maximum reach right after launch. No retro-fitting SEO further down the line.
#2 – Sector and audience knowledge
Our experience in life science and biotech marketing and the web gives us first-hand knowledge of sector trends. This means that we know the hot topics and current challenges you could be facing. We understand what investors need to know about you and what potential partners and customers are looking for.

Our life science marketing experience means that we offer world-leading scientific website design.

Together with the implementation of biotech search engine optimisation techniques throughout the creative process.

We have an understanding of what’s required for biotech marketing and offer a tailored digital marketing strategy to all of our clients.

For your biotech website to generate results, it’s not enough for it just to look good. Arttia Creative has expert copywriters who are able to craft the perfect science and SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copy for search and conversions.

Focused on user experience (UX Design), with user-centred interaction and clear visitor journies on all our life sciences projects. This approach makes visiting your biotech website a frictionless experience. Encouraging people to stay for longer and get the best understanding of your brand. They find exactly what they’re looking for and convert into satisfied customers.

The Arttia Creative team know the best use of social media marketing for both science and medical audiences. This can be a challenging area for healthcare and biotech, where a carefully considered and regulated approach is needed.

#3 – Contacts across the industry
During the process of specialising in the life sciences and biotech industries, we have had many opportunities to meet other companies that can complement our services. These include PR companies, IP and trademark providers and companies who offer CE marking services.

We also have contacts across the industry whose details we can pass to clients in need of product development. Because of our expert knowledge, we’re able to make the right introductions to the companies who can help our clients most, so you can be assured that we only connect people when we know they’re a good fit.

#4 – Understanding the nuances of Life Sciences and Biotech
Our sector experience means we have an insider’s view on the concerns, challenges and priorities for those in biotech and life science. As we’ve said, we understand what your audience wants, and we make sure we deliver it with every website we create.

We also have wider expertise in biotech marketing, which means we know exactly how to create impact with our life science website design, which in turn drives sales because your visitors are happy with the information you’ve provided.

#5 – Full-service agency - one point of contact
Arttia Creative is proud to offer a full-service solution on every project. No matter what your needs, we don’t just work on your site, we can produce all supporting materials, so you don’t need to go elsewhere.

To help you succeed with biotech marketing, we offer print design, sales team support materials and everything you’ll need to make your exhibition stand eye-catching and well-stocked.

We can also assist with online marketing materials. The design team can put together attractive slide decks and fully-branded abstracts. To make your communications more visually-appealing, they can produce infographics to make information stand out, as well as providing data visualisation design.

If you’re new to the online world, or you need to update your presence due to pivoting, we also offer brand development, helping you define your messages and making sure they communicate your business strategy and objectives. We create the perfect content for life sciences professionals.


#6 Bonus – Specialist biotech website design with a global reach
How a Life Science and Biotech Web Design Specialist Helps with a Global Marketing Reach.

As your business progresses and expands to reach the widest possible audience, we can develop multi-language websites so you continue to give your audience the information they’re looking for, in a language they understand. Specialist technical copywriting in for different languages.

As specialist healthcare website consultants, we help you with all aspects of digital marketing. Reaching different time-zones, new audiences, all with a personalised approach for your website visitors.

The 5 Reasons For Hiring A Biotech Web Design Specialist listed here are just a flavour of what we can create and deliver for you, one-off projects or continued digital strategy and content creation.

As busy biotech marketing teams or business development managers, you need the fasted possible results for your project. And having to explain your complex or nuanced scientific or technical product to a web agency who is unfamiliar with your sector is just going to take additional time and effort that you don't have to spare.

We have the experience to quickly understand what you do and how to get that message to the right people at the right time. Get in touch with Arttia Creative today to find out how your company could benefit from a life sciences and biotech web design specialist.

Or book one of our FREE 30-minute project accelerator meetings. Quick and easy Zoom video meeting to uncover those quick-wins and start help you plan and get your project underway.

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