AZoNetwork Exhibited at Pittcon in Philadelphia

Published on 01/04/2019
AZoNetwork Exhibited at Pittcon in Philadelphia

AZoNetwork were proud to exhibit at Pittcon for the very first time in Philadelphia last week. Having regularly attended the show for the last decade, this was our first time as exhibitors.

The team touched down from the U.K. on Sunday and ahead of a busy week, took in the sights of "the city of brotherly love" which included the Rocky steps, the Rodin museum, the liberty bell and some of the St. Patrick's day festivities!

SEO Health Checks

The show kicked off with a busy first day and a packed schedule for the AZoNetwork team across editorial, video, marketing and SEO.

SEO Health Check
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Dave Cockett, and Franky Barker were running the booth and ready to talk SEO and Digital Marketing with plenty of engaged delegates. Dave was booked up with appointments for SEO health checks where he was able to uncover hidden SEO issues for marketers on the booth.

The Science of SEO

Tuesday afternoon brought the first of our two guest talks at the NEXUS theatre. Dave was on hand to provide an abridged version of his SEO seminar, a talk usually reserved for various global company sales & marketing meetings.

Dave discusses the fundamentals of SEO and how it has significantly changed during the short history of the web.

When considering SEO, we adhere to 3 main principles: Relevance, popularity and user experience. - Dave Cockett, Head of SEO at AZoNetwork

Evening Drinks Reception

After a busy first day, the team hosted an evening drinks reception with an intimate range of friends and colleagues in attendance at the Hard Rock Café just across the road from the convention centre.

Video and Editorial Interviews

Bright eyed and bushy tailed from the previous evening’s proceedings the team still had plenty to look forward to; the Editorial and Video teams were hard at work with dozens more editorial pieces interviewing leading scientific experts, covering their latest ground-breaking research:

Sir Fraser Stoddart

Having focused on supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology, Dr. Stoddart discussed his Nobel work involving artificial molecular machines, and how the serendipitous discoveries of his lab group can impact our lives in every day applications such as cosmetics, drug delivery and the isolation of gold.

In the future, molecular machines could be used for new materials, sensors, and energy storage systems.

Renee Frontiera, PhD - Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota

Working on combining Raman Spectroscopy with super-resolution microscopy for the study of cell surfaces in extraordinary detail. Renee used plasmonic nanomaterials to focus in on the sample, as fluorophores (which are currently used) often bleach under the lasers of the microscope, which prevents the experiment from going any further.

Marketing Science through Scientific Marketing

Our 2nd NEXUS talk of the exhibition was expertly delivered by Dr. Ian Birkby who drew upon his vast knowledge of Marketing technological, scientific and manufacturing businesses to engaged audiences. Having come from an advanced materials background, Ian has been Marketing Science online on behalf of other companies for 19 years.

One of the main challenges for the modern marketer is to navigate through the thousands of tools on offer which may form a part of your marketing stack. There are tools for creating content, distributing content, analysing traffic, improving SEO, analysing drop off rates etc… Our role is to simplify the complex and distil it into an easy to use platform that takes care of all of the above and more - Dr. Ian Birkby, CEO of AZoNetwork

Novel Applications

The team were busy with dozens more interviews throughout the week as they had the chance to learn even more about fascinating research areas and share the science behind their novel applications and future uses in industry.

Igor Lednev, PhD - Professor in the Department of Chemistry, University of Albany

Igor discussed proving the viability of using Raman Spectroscopy to detect bodily fluids at a crime scene. The main advantage is that Raman is non-destructive whereas current techniques destroy the sample.

Stephane Marinesco, PhD – Lyon Neuroscience Research Center

Stephane has developed ultra-small microelectrode biosensors that can be implanted into the brain following a severe tramatic brain injury. He used carbon fibers, which are really small compared to the wires currently in use for biosensors, and coated these in platinum, which is a good conductor. He discussed how these biosensors could detect second-by-second neurochemical changes in the brains of rats after a traumatic injury.

Chicago 2020

After a hectic week, the team took a well-earned rest on a sleepy flight back to the UK having learned lots and with plenty of follow up work to do in the weeks to come - Roll on Pittcon 2020 in Chicago Illinois!

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