Funding Calls - Biomedical Catalyst 2017 Round 4

Published on 03/01/2018
Funding Calls - Biomedical Catalyst 2017 Round 4

The aim of this competition is to develop innovative healthcare technologies and processes that will help provide:

  • disease prevention and proactive management of health and chronic conditions 
  • earlier and better detection and diagnosis of disease, leading to better patient outcomes 
  • tailored treatments that either change the underlying disease or offer potential cures 


£12m allocated to fund projects. Primer awards between £200k and £1.5m; up to two years duration. Late stage awards between £200k and £4m; up to three years duration. Innovate UK will provide 35% to 70% project funding, dependent upon development stage and enterprise size.

To lead a project you must:

  • be a UK-based SME 
  • work on your own or with other UK SMEs or research organisations 
  • carry out your project work in the UK 


The biomedical catalyst awards fund innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

The aim of the late stage award is to support projects that test a well-developed concept and show its effectiveness in an environment that is relevant to the use of the product or process. A late stage project can include:

  • initial human proof-of-concept studies 
  • demonstration of clinical utility and effectiveness
  • demonstration of safety and efficacy (including phase I and II clinical trials) 
  • developing production mechanisms 
  • prototyping 
  • market testing 
  • intellectual property protection 

The aim of the primer award is to conduct a technical evaluation of your idea through to proof of concept in a model system, using:

  • experimental evaluation (lab-scale) 
  • initial demonstration using in vitro and in vivo models (not human clinical trials) 
  • potential production mechanisms 
  • early-stage prototyping 
  • product development planning 
  • intellectual property protection 

Out of Scope

In this competition, the following will not be funded:

  • projects that are too early stage, for example basic research, generation of pure scientific and technological knowledge, development of research ideas, and hypotheses and experimental designs that have no practical commercial application 
  • projects that are too close to market or are already at market, such as evaluations to inform labelling, laboratory accreditation, distribution or marketing activity, post-marketing studies, and post-marketing surveillance 
  • projects that include large organisations as partners 
  • [primer award] human trials, such as clinical trials of safety or efficacy, or other trials involving human subjects which would be considered in scope for the biomedical catalyst late stage award 

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