Sygnature Discovery Limited - Professional Internship for PhD Students - Alderley Park

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Professional Internship for PhD Students - Alderley Park
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Sygnature Discovery is an award-winning provider of fully integrated drug discovery expertise to the global pharmaceutical industry. We actively engage in all stages of the drug discovery process, from hit identification, hit-to-lead, and lead optimisation, as well as participating in complete and multi-disciplinary drug discovery programmes. Bioscientists at Sygnature Discovery play an essential role in supporting and leading integrated client projects as well as delivering specialist biophysical and cell imaging assays.
The Bioscience PIP (Professional Internship for PhD students) placement at Sygnature provides BBSRC-funded DTP PhD students the opportunity to broaden their research experience through exposure to a well-defined 3-month project in a pharmaceutical drug discovery setting. The project could involve techniques ranging from biophysics and enzymology to cell imaging, and include all elements from planning, independent lab work and analysis to presentation of results, within a growing and highly respected team.
Applicants should be pursuing a PhD in Biology or a related discipline.
If you would like to be considered for this placement at a successful and engaging company, please submit your application through the link below including the following:
1) CV,
2) a covering letter (briefly outlining why you would like to undertake your PhD placement within Sygnature Discovery’s Bioscience department),
You will submit your application through our trusted partners, Lever. Please be assured that only employees of Sygnature Discovery will review your application and personal data.
If you have any questions, please contact the Careers team at Please do not submit your application to this email address.

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