Alcyomics - Business Development Officer

Job Title:
Business Development Officer
Closing Date:
Job Description

As a business development officer you will be concerned with improving and growing the business, by assisting the CEO in fostering and developing relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners. You will work together to improve profitability through careful strategic planning and positioning in the appropriate markets and to enhance the reputation of the company and its positioning in the industry.

You will work closely with the Scientific and Operational departments of Alcyomics in order to maintain effective lines of communication that will deliver customer requirements in a seamless manner.

An understanding of products, assays and services within the field of Toxicology, Life Sciences and safety testing fields is essential in order to discuss the services, and potential products that Alcyomics has to offer with a wide range of key people. There will be an expectation to discuss the science behind the work that Alcyomics does with experienced scientists.

The role may require travel in the UK, Europe and the United States of America. This may be attending industry led events or client meetings to promote the work of Alcyomics

The location of the offices is The Biosphere, Newcastle Science Central, and a presence in the office is desired but not essential. Regular Conference Calls will be required with the Management Team.
Key Role & Responsibilities
  • Lead generation to develop a pipeline within our target markets. This will include cold leads and refining of cold lead generation
  • Working with consultants to refine lead generations resulting in engagement
  • Ensuring legalities are in place prior to initial discussions i.e NDA
  • Working with the CEO and Management Team to define the Business Strategy
  • Working with the CEO and Management Team to work on and maintain relevant Value Proposition
  • Working with consultants to define potential clients from marketing leads
  • Input into the Sales and Marketing Strategy and process
  • Suggest new marketing initiatives and assist with their planning and execution
  • Suggest, and where applicable write, potential articles to be published on Social Media or in Scientific Publications
  • Liaising with the website management team to ensure the services are promoted accordingly on the website and relevant news articles and blogs are updated on a regular basis
  • Identify, and potentially attend, meetings and events to promote Alcyomics and engage with potential prospects
  • Research the needs of the target companies and facilitate meetings with the decision makers
  • Arrange face to face meetings to develop the relationships further
  • Arrange conference calls for the client to discuss in more technical detail a potential study with the Technical team
  • Work with the Scientific Manager and the CEO to develop a Study Proposal to submit to the client
  • Submission of the initial proposal will go through the BD Manager however on confirmation of the study the Scientific Manager will take control and will follow through to post study report submission.
  • It is imperative to maintain communication throughout the Management Team and where applicable the general Alcyomics Team
  • Weekly meetings with the Management team to discuss activities, where assistance may be required from the team and to keep track of progress through the business in all areas.
  • Ensure compliance to ISO 9001. For example using the correct document set and and numbering convention for all reports.
  • Working with the Management Team and CEO to prepare compelling presentations for delivery to potential prospects.
  • Maintain up to date CRM records for all customer contact made 

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