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Systems Administrator
Technical roles
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Impact Data Metrics (IDM) is an AI-powered Data Analytics platform business. Our web-based products provide detailed insights for our clients who use our outputs to support their investment and policy decision-making.

We have been collecting data on a variety of aspects of the economy, population, business, property, research & innovation and much else besides. The problems we are tackling are wide ranging, but they all ultimately come down to looking for underlying structure and relationships within and between datasets that provide valuable intelligence to help people make better decisions with better data. 

We have a strong social ethos within the team as we have personally experienced lots of poor decision making in our previous careers. We aim to change that, principally to support policy makers and others to make the right decisions based, for example, on what their communities need and not what one of the Big Four consultancies tell them.

We are looking for an experienced Systems Administrator to manage our production infrastructure.  The primary role is to ensure the availability, security and integrity of our systems and to ensure that the systems can grow and adapt as the company expands.  Although initial responsibilities will be focused on our existing systems, the successful candidate can expect to participate in the planning and implementation of the systems’ expansion - both hardware and software. There will also be opportunities to work with management and other technical staff on development and streamlining of our operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

You will have primary responsibility for our systems from an operations and maintenance viewpoint.  You will also participate in/lead the development of automation, monitoring and other frameworks. 


To manage a set of Linux servers, NAS and networking equipment running in-house and on cloud services with a mixture of database servers, data analysis tasks and user facing web-apps.  The successful applicant will collaborate with other staff to:

  • Deploy tasks into resilient processes.
  • Monitor the equipment, processes and databases.
  • Manage the networking, access and routing.
  • Manage user accounts for customer access and internal resource access.
  • Monitor and maintain equipment as necessary.
  • Maintain and upgrade software and systems.
  • Document configurations and processes.


  • Propose and develop application deployment systems, data management and any other system integrity and performance enhancements.
  • Assist other staff in developing robust scripting and deployment practices, including security requirements to safeguard digital assets.

Skills and Qualifications

- Degree in Data Science or related field. 

- Experience of:

  • Remote Linux CLI admin (ssh),  including managing linux systems, users, storage, database replication and networking;
  • Equipment configuration, including storage (RAID) and networking;
  • Containerisation technologies;
  • Network configuration (nginx or apache); and
  • Monitoring systems.

- Good problem solving skills.

- Superior communication and interpersonal skills, both written and verbal.

- Excellent organisational skills, with emphasis on priorities and goal setting.


  • Competitive starting salary in the range £38,000-£44,000.
  • Discretionary annual performance related bonus subject to company and personal performance.
  • Good career progression opportunities.
  • 25 days paid leave per annum.
  • Contributory workplace pension scheme.
  • Eligibility for company stock option program.

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