Iksuda Therapeutics - Development Scientist

Job Title:
Development Scientist
Technical roles
Closing Date:
Job Summary
An outstanding opportunity has arisen for the right candidate to join Iksuda and develop its high value enabling technology, PermaLink®. You will contribute to the successful growth and positioning of the company as a thought leader in this technology arena.
Key Responsibilities
• Reporting to the Principal Scientist
• To contribute to technology development strategies and maintain a culture of continual improvement and scientific excellence
• The execution, analysis and interpretation of experiments and the data generated
• To perform purification and analysis of antibody drug conjugates
• To culture cells and perform cell viability assays 
• To operate process and analytical equipment and ensure its maintenance
• Effective communication of experimental results internally and external
Skills, Knowledge & Experience
It is essential that the successful candidate possess:
• Experience of handling and analysing protein samples
• Working knowledge of appropriate analytical methods e.g. HPLC, SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, UV-vis spectrometry, molecular biology techniques.
• Protein purification (SEC, Desalting, HIC chromatography)
It is desirable that the successful candidate possess:
• Knowledge of biopharmaceutical manufacturing or products
• Experience of working with antibodies
• Knowledge of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
Personal Attributes
The ideal candidate would:
• Be forward thinking and adaptable
• Be technically competent
• Have excellent attention to detail
• Have demonstrable decision-making skills
• Have the ability to analyse, interpret, and report experimental findings
• Have a high level of IT proficiency
• Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Education and Training
Minimum a Biological Sciences BSc (Hons) degree
Additional Information
Start date to be agreed
Permanent Role
Full Time 
Salary dependent on experience 
How to apply
Please forward CV and covering letter to Emma Powell, Operations Manager Tel: 0191 6031680

About Iksuda Therapeutics

Iksuda Therapeutics is a drug development Company specialising in the development of stable, safer, and superior Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs).

Our ADCs target difficult-to-treat cancers, including those that are resistant or refractory to current therapies.

We are building a pipeline of ADCs centred on:

  • PermaLink® – proprietary conjugation chemistry for improved ADC stability
  • Novel ultra-potent toxins for improved tumour killing
  • Novel antibodies targeted towards well-selected antigens associated primarily with solid tumours

Our first wave ADC programmes include antibodies with proven premise in ADC formats and novel DNA damaging payloads.

We are working with leading research institutions in the US and Europe to develop exciting new therapies for the future. We are flexible in our approach to collaboration and welcome discussions with research groups who have novel ADC-relevant programmes.

We have developed a series of high-value ADC assets, which are available for collaborative research and license.


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