Bruntwood SciTech - Head of Science and Innovation

Job Title:
Head of Science and Innovation
Technical roles
Closing Date:
Bruntwood SciTech are now seeking to recruit a new Head of Science and Innovation to shape and drive the delivery of science services, innovation support and community engagement for our life sciences customers through the local ecosystem of partnerships.

The core of the role is to boost jobs and economic growth in the region and the sector, by managing relationships with partners and stakeholders, driving engagement within our customer community and collaboration with our partners through events and innovation support, and to actively grow the wider science community at Alderley Park, CityLabs in Manchester and the North of the UK.

You will primarily report to the Managing Director Alderley Park along with Bruntwood SciTech’s Innovation Services Director responsible for coordinating Innovation Services across the network You will manage the Science Services team at Alderley Park, the delivery of Business Support by the BioCity team and will work closely with Bruntwood SciTech’s Heads of Innovation in other cities In addition, you will oversee Innovation Services for life sciences customers at Citylabs in Manchester, working with the Managing Director Manchester.

This is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate at a key time in the company’s development, as
Bruntwood SciTech continues to expand and scale.

Key Objective:
Part of the Alderley Park Management team, the purpose of the role is to deliver science services, innovation support and community engagement in Alderley Park and at Citylabs to ensure we remain the leading destination for life science businesses in the UK.

Role Profile
What you’ll be doing:

Science Services Management:
●Define and deliver the business plan for Alderley Park Science Services, taking responsibility for all strategic and managerial aspects.
● Be accountable for the future strategic direction of the services, creating, planning anf driving new  business lines to grow Alderley Park customers and attract future customers to the campus.
●Have overall accountability for P&L and governance for the science services function, working closely with the finance team and the wider Bruntwood organisation
●Lead stakeholder relationships and contract management of key science services delivery partner organisation (e.g. Agenda Life Sciences Medicines Discovery Catapult, Waters, Cytiva).

Innovation Services Management:
●Have overall accountability for budget and governance for the Innovation Services function, working closely with the finance team.
●Lead the relationship with BioCity and define the scope of services delivered to customers in Alderley Park and Citylabs based on Bruntwood SciTech's Innovation Services Framework.
●Manage the BioCity budget and delivery performance against the agreed scope of services provision.
●Coordinate activity to raise corporate and grant funding to deliver additional Innovation Services, then manage the delivery of these services.
●Share insight, learning and partnerships with other location in the Bruntwood SciTech network to improve and optimise the services delivered at Alderley Park, Citylabs and across the Bruntwood SciTech network.
●Produce KPI reporting of performance and impact of the Innovation Services delivered based on the Bruntwood SciTech Innovation Services KPI framework. 
●Identify new services and facilities that meet customer and emerging market needs. 
●Support the developmenrt of a strong reputation for Bruntwood SciTech's Innovation Services

Applicants can apply by CV and covering letter to

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