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Safety of immune checkpoint inhibitors

Location: The Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool, 1 Brownlow Street, Liverpool, L69 3GL

MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science (University of Liverpool) one day workshop: Better understanding of pathophysiological events leading to side effects of checkpoint inhibitors, approaches to improve benefit/risk profiles and tolerability of these agents in patients and improved design of pre-clinical safety testing.

Introduction to immunomodulatory antibodies and related therapeutics in cancer
Prof Martin Gore (Royal Marsden, London)

Pathophysiology of adverse events caused by immune checkpoint inhibitors
Dr Mark Coles (Oxford University)

Overview of safety profile of immune-stimulating agents
Dr Anna Olsson-Brown (University of Liverpool)

Clinical pharmacology approaches for better safety/efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors
Dr Alex Phipps (Roche)

Regulatory view of immuno-modulatory agents in cancer
Dr Marie-Christine Bielsky (MHRA )

Clinical management of toxicities of checkpoint inhibitors to deliver safer treatment
Prof Ruth Plumber (Newcastle University)

Qualification of preclinical models for understanding safety and efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors
Dr James Monroe (Merck)

Do checkpoint inhibitors modulate drug induced hypersensitivity reactions?
Dr Andrew Gibson (MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science)

Role of the gut microbiome in safety and efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors
Dr Oliver Brain (Oxford University)

Novel approaches to immune stimulation: how do you improve checkpoint inhibitors
Dr Lolke de Haan (MedImmune)

Please see the link below to access the on-line registration:

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