2021 Bionow Precision Medicine Conference

2021 Bionow Precision Medicine Conference

Digital Event
Wednesday 3rd - Thursday 4th March 2021

Precision Medicine is putting the patient at the centre of healthcare and the Bionow Precision Medicine Conference will focus on the impact which this emerging field is having on patients and given the strengths in the North, how are we developing this approach in an efficient and sustainable way. 

Precision Medicine is the next generation of healthcare research that has the potential to provide significant benefits to patients, and affect strategic shifts in the way healthcare is delivered. It uses an individual's genetic profile to guide decisions about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Developing new diagnostic tests and expanding the use of biomarkers enables the identification of the molecular cause of disease, and ultimately supports the development of novel, more precisely targeted treatments. 

To promote careers & skills development within this critical industry, Bionow are enabling students from across our Member Universities to attend this years' event who will be able to engage with delegates from Health Innovation Liverpool, LightOx, Durham University, University of Manchester, Illumina, Kinomica, IBM, Leeds University, Teesside University, Marks & Clerk, QIAGEN, Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services, Newcastle University, Centre for Process Innovation, Medicines Discovery Catapult, Vocal, Leeds Academic Health Partnerships, Phoenix DX, Yourgene Health, Keele University, University of Edinburgh, SRG, Source Bioscience, Quay Pharma, Alderley Park, Bruntwood SciTech, Manchester Biogel, Potter Clarkson, Reprocell, Roche Diagnostics, QuantuMDx, Imagen Therapeutics, Exosome Diagnostics GmbH, Histologix, Pulmobiomed, Vatic, Sai Life Sciences, Amadeus Capital and many more to follow......

Conference Agenda

  • Virtual Registration / Networking

  • Conference Welcome Address

    John Stageman, Chair, Bionow

  • Keynote Speaker

    Amanda Lamb, Director, Health Innovation Liverpool

  • Challenges and Direction of Precision Medicine / Business Models

    Chair: Carrie Ambler, Chief Scientific Officer LightOx and Professor of Biosciences, Durham University
    Rick Body, Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Manchester
    Matthew Nelson, Senior Director CDx Business Development, Illumina
    Ashton Harper, Head of Medical Affairs, Roche Diagnostics UK & Ireland
    Steve Dean, Business Development Director, Imagen Therapeutics

  • Virtual Coffee, Networking & Pre-Booked Partnering Meetings

  • Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence: Precision Medicine

    Chair: Jane Theaker, CEO, Kinomica
    Mike Williams, Patent Attorney, Marks & Clerk
    Vikki Rand, Professor of Biosciences and Head of Biosciences Research, Teesside University
    Alex Frangi, Diamond Jubilee Chair in Computational Medicine, Leeds University
    Laura Jayne Gardiner Research Staff Member, Application of ML and Informatics for Life Sciences, IBM

  • Virtual Coffee, Networking & Pre-Booked Partnering Meetings

  • Advances in Precision Diagnostics

    Chair: Gillian Dalgliesh, Associate Director, QIAGEN
    Ronny Kellner, Senior Scientist, QIAGEN
    Daniel Enderle, Scientific Director, Exosome Diagnostics GmbH
    Simon Hughes, Associate Director, QIAGEN

  • Biotech & Beers Virtual Networking

  • Virtual Registration / Networking

  • Conference Welcome

    Geoff Davison, CEO, Bionow

  • Keynote Speaker

    Graeme Macluskie, Director of Precision Medicine, REPROCELL Europe

  • Complex Medicines / Drug Delivery

    Chair: Marcel de Matas, Director and Founder, Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services     
    Moein Moghimi, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Nanomedicine, Newcastle University
    Christine Schmidt, BBSRC David Phillips Fellow and Dean's Prize Early Career Researcher, University of Manchester
    Duygu Yilmaz, Senior Scientist, Medicines Discovery Catapult
    Caroline Kelly, Technology & Innovation Officer, Centre for Process Innovation

  • Virtual Coffee, Networking & Pre-Booked Partnering Meetings

  • Invest in Precision Medicine

    Ana Bernardo-Gancedo, Analyst, Amadeus Capital Partners

  • Patient-Centric Precision Medicine

    Chair: Stella James, Head of Business Development and Engagement, Bionow
    Liz Mear, Managing Director, Leeds Academic Health Partnership
    Karen Griffiths, Strategic Delivery Manager, Leeds Academic Health Partnership
    Louisa Ive, Clinical Product Manager, Yourgene Health
    James Zhang, Director, Phoenix DX
    Jonathan O'Halloran, CEO, QuantuMDx

  • Conference Close



Registration will open shortly. For any further queries please contact info@bionow.co.uk

Showcase Companies




Company Showcase Packages

Pre-recorded company showcases will provide participants with the opportunity to introduce their company, promote and generate interest in specific products or services, attract potential partners and collaborations and most of all grow your network!

These digital exhibition packages have been introduced to provide additional benefit and value to delegates, who can create a captivating video presentation and increase engagement with fellow delegates.

Each Company Showcase Package will consist of:- 

  • 1 x Delegate Pass
  • Pre-recorded Company Showcase (3 minutes in length)
  • Showcase uploaded to Event Delegate Area Pre-conference and available Post-conference
  • News Article promoting the Conference and Company showcases with link to pre-recorded material to be circulated to the network and Bionow website / newsletter
  • Social Media Content as a Showcase Company in the run up to the Event
  • Logo on Event page on Bionow website

Please click HERE to view the Company Showcase Guidelines