Unique Three-Way Collaborations that Powers Innovation- Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Unique Three-Way Collaborations that Powers Innovation- Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Thursday 16th July 2020


For over 40 years, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) having been helping companies, big and small, innovate for growth.  Right now around 800 organisations are involved in KTPs creating a three-way partnership between the business, UK University and a recently qualified graduate.

A KTP takes knowledge from within the University, and applies it to a significant strategic challenge faced by an external partner to drive innovation leading to innovative outcomes such as new product development, service or process enhancement.  The collaboration of each partner in the KTP stimulates creative innovation through the exposure to different talents, markets, technologies, capabilities and skills.

Bionow’s members can use KTP to create new in-house capabilities filling knowledge gaps, not only in Medical & Human Sciences, Science & Engineering but also in Business & Management practices. Access to grant funding of up to 67% provided by Innovate UK.  The company spend towards a KTP R&D project can be leveraged against the UK government’s R&D tax relief scheme. This provides a proportional cash refund for the company contribution to the research and development performed in the partnership, or a reduction in future corporation tax.

However, KTP is not suitable for everyone. It is not a quick fix; it supports strategic, not short term, change. To participate in KTP a business needs to have sufficient premises to host the graduate and staff to provide input and support to the project and sufficient finances to commercialise the results. On average, an SME business will make an annual contribution of £30k towards a KTP project budget, the balance met by Government. Investment is heavily geared with, on average, £1 of government money invested in a KTP resulting in an £8 increase in business profit.  

Why collaborate with The University of Manchester 
UoM has been awarded more than 250 KTPs and is currently ranked 2nd nationally with regard KTP numbers, with 34 active projects.  We have a dedicated experienced Knowledge Exchange Team that manage and supports the whole application process and offer post award provision such as secretarial support for LMC meetings and the financial claim process. 
The University is built on the shoulders of academic giants and can lay claim to 25 Nobel Prize winners amongst its former staff and students. Manchester has a formidable reputation spanning most disciplines, but most notably in the life sciences, engineering, humanities, economics, business, sociology and the social sciences.
If you feel that your business could benefit from KTP please join the Bionow webinar to learn more about how KTP could help your business from Fiona Nightingale, Knowledge Transfer Network (NW KTP Lead) and Joanne Summers, University of Manchester, KTP Manager.

Connect Online
Attending Bionow online meetings allows attendees to connect directly with one another and put questions / start conversations via the social wall associated with each event even after the event has finished. All delegates have the ability to create new contacts and perhaps link up with old acquaintances through the Bionow event networking portal before, during and after all Bionow online events! 

The webinar will start at 2.30pm and we aim to finish at 3.15pm. There will be an opportunity for Q&A after the discussions.

Dial-in details will be provided to all delegates once registration has been confirmed. 


Registration will open shortly. For any further queries please contact info@bionow.co.uk