Student Placements and Projects

Our Northern Universities embody world class strengths in research and teaching in the biomedical sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, IT, mathematics and statistics.

Bionow works closely with our University Sponsors and a core strand of our support is the facilitation of student placements within our sector companies and organisations. This brings tremendous benefit to the students themselves through gaining valuable work experience and for business it is an opportunity to engage an undergraduate or postgraduate student for a period of 8-10 weeks during which you can ‘try before you buy’. 

Most of our sponsoring Universities offer the opportunity to engage a student to work on a defined project. There are opportunities across various departments and faculties, including Business Schools and the project may involve remote working at the company’s premises or be carried out within the University. The project might be paid or be part of the course.

Summer Student Placements (undergraduates)

Can your business offer a paid summer placement to an undergraduate student attending the Universities of Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Newcastle or Durham? Bionow is particularly interested in finding summer placements for students studying degrees in biomedical science, chemistry, natural sciences and engineering or any other technical discipline of relevance to our Member companies. This is extremely helpful to the next generation of scientists who wish to enter the sector but need some practical work experience and is also helpful to our Member companies who will benefit from an efficient route to recruit students which may well lead to successful future employment.

During the Autumn and Spring Member companies are invited to provide role descriptions for placements available in the Summer. We envisage placements being of 8-10 weeks duration, working on a structured project, on a paid employment basis. We will pass these opportunities onto the Careers Services at our University Sponsors who will advertise the role and shortlist some suitable candidates for your consideration.

Professional Internships for Postgraduate Students

​The new Doctoral Training PhD programs require PhD students to complete a 3 month placement in an area of work not directly related to their area of research. Students are encouraged to find internships that broaden their experience and give them a real insight into industry and a chance to experience life outside the laboratory.

The postgraduates bring a deeper knowledge and experience and the flexibility around the timing of the placement often makes it easier for the companies involved. The postgraduates are supported by their stipend throughout the term of the placement, so the only expense is any extra costs such as travelling or accommodation.

The relevant Doctoral Training Partnerships that operate in the North of England are:-

The aim of postgraduate internships is to ensure students carry out a non-academic work experience internship during their PhD. Such experience is important both to help early career researchers understand the context of their research and to expose them to the range of opportunities available to them after they graduate. You can read more about Postgraduate Internships in the downloadable brochure.

​Industrial Placements / Sandwich Year in Industry
​Universities who offer degrees with a compulsory year in industry usually have relationships in place to deliver these 12-month placements. However, there is always the need to source additional capacity and Bionow is keen to bring this opportunity to the attention of Members and other companies in the sector who may be able to support and benefit in this way. Through our relationships with our University Sponsors – Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Newcastle and Durham – we can fast-track the recruitment of students with the appropriate skills and ambitions to suit your business. Industrial placements are on a salaried basis and the student maintains contact with their academic department throughout the placement.

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