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Partnering and Licensing

At Pharmalicensing we enable our clients to identify and engage with appropriate partners for all elements of their partnering, licensing and business development activities.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to bring ideas to market.  To meet your business objectives you need predictive insights and intelligence which can guide you to find the right partner, file the right patent, or develop the right technology.

We offer three categories of services that can help you find your way:
•    Partnering Services revolve around identifying key companies, institutions, or technologies for in-licensing, out-licensing, or collaboration. Partnering Services are perfect when you know what you need, but just need help finding, selling, or developing the right technology.
•    Analytic Services allow you strategic insight into patent and literature publications, helping you gather competitive intelligence, identify technology white spaces, and identify technology trends within an industry. Analytic Services are perfect when you need comprehensive and quantitative information about a specific technology arena.
•    Knowledge Resources allow you to keep track of the latest news, data, industry reports, royalty rates, and a wealth of other information. Knowledge Resources are perfect for in-depth research or keeping up to date with all the most recent developments within an industry.

When accurate, timely, and comprehensive information matters, we can provide you with the key knowledge you need. Our staff’s multi-disciplinary approach combined with years of partnering and analytics experience has resulted in hundreds of successful technology transfers and satisfied clients. Let’s sit down and see exactly how we can help you.

Strategic Partnering Search Service

The core element of Pharmalicensing is the Strategic Partnering Search service which enables our clients to significantly improve their key partner search capabilities by utilising our team of partnering experts.

We work with our clients hand-in-hand to identify the most appropriate partners across the global device and pharma/biotech industry for their partnering activities. Additionally we will coordinate their opening conference calls with those fully pre-screened and qualified partners, guaranteeing the most effective introduction for them. At the same time we will work with our clients towards enhanced and prominent promotion of their licensing & partnering requirements through

Our service:
•    Based on your brief, we will search for partners for you and provide a fully qualified list of target companies (Prospect List).
•    On your instruction we will contact those target companies on your behalf to make an introduction and coordinate initial contacts/conference calls etc.
•    To support the Partner Search we will post detailed information about your company and promote your licensing opportunities, partnering requirements and business development strategy on free-of-charge for 6 months
•    You retain the option for anonymity throughout

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Contact the team today to select the right partnering service for your needs:
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