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The partnership allows for Yourgene’s LightBench® instrument to run precise and accurate size selection of PacBio® SMRTbell® sequencing libraries increasing HiFi sequencing yields. PacB...

Fiix-PT Assay

Feb 23rd 2022

The PT Assay reagent, which is part of The Hart Biologicals Fiix™ Test Kit has been recognised and mentioned in The Frisma Factor online, ‘The Fiix-PT Assay; Improves on PT-INR’

North Rode Scientific Services unveils it's new company logo.

Aptamer Group is pleased to announce availability of OptimersTM – the new standard for our custom development services. We are providing new data demonstrating kinetic improvements on smal...

CLYZ Labs, an award-winning early-stage cancer diagnostics company, today announced that the first clinical trial involving its innovative Cancertain™ test has secured all regulatory appro...

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