Introducing OptimersTM

Published on 03/10/2018
Introducing OptimersTM Aptamer Group is dedicated to continually improve its service offerings to identify the best reagent(s) from within our vast aptamer libraries in the shortest time possible. We are now including as standard our proprietary automated Minimal Aptamer Fragment Identification (MAFI) process for the development of kinetically optimised aptamers in the same delivery time as our previous approach. These improved aptamers will be differentiated from the standard library aptamers as OptimersTM.

OptimersTM can have multiple advantages, when compared to their precursor aptamer sequences, making kinetic optimisation an essential step in the development of the highest quality reagents against cellular, protein or small molecular targets.

Data demonstrating kinetic improvements can be found at If you are interested in reducing future assay costs, improving performance of your assay, downstream processing or therapeutic activity, then OptimerTM development would be the better solution.

If you are facing challenges that OptimersTM could address and are attracted by the benefits they offer, contact our team at where they will be available to answer any queries you have.

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