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Open consultation: Financing growth in innovative firms

3 August 2017

Patient capital supports small firms to grow into large, world-leading businesses. These firms increase productivity by introducing new ideas into markets. The UK provides a fertile ground for world-leading innovation, but a lack of effective supply of patient capital continues to hold some UK firms back from commercialising this innovation successfully.

This consultation sets out the evidence around a gap in the supply of patient capital in the UK. It then considers potential policy options that might help to address any gap. Responses are welcomed from all stakeholders with an interest in how the government supports growing innovative firms.

The consultation is being published as part of the Treasury’s Patient Capital Review. The terms of reference for the review were published in January 2017. The review is also being supported by a panel of industry experts convened by Sir Damon Buffini. The terms of reference for and members of the Industry Panel were published in February 2017. The role of the panel has been to shape some of themes of this consultation and it will provide its formal recommendations in response to this consultation alongside other responses to the consultation.

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Financing growth in innovative firms

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