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David Cameron 2

Former PM David Cameron joins Northern Businesses Showcasing UK Life Science 21 June 2017

The world’s largest biotech gathering taking place in San Diego this week, the BIO Convention, has seen the North of England showcase its offer to more than 60 countries - and former Prime Minister David Cameron talk down fears over what Brexit will mean for the sector.

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Manchester start-up creates world’s most powerful optical microscope 20 June 2017

LIG Nanowise, based at Manchester Science Park, specialise in microscope technology aimed at the industrial, medical and research and development sectors.

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MRC Technology Becomes LifeArc with £500M Investment and Seed Fund Plans 20 June 2017

The U.K.’s MRC Technology medical research charity has changed its name to LifeArc and unveiled plans to set up two seed and research funding initiatives as part of a projected £500 million, five-year investment in innovative research in areas including antimicrobials, neuroscience, personalized oncology, and respiratory medicine.

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